Protecting The Things That Matter Most

Our team is dedicated to helping our customers protect the people they love and the assets they work a lifetime to build.

Protecting The Things That Matter Most

Whether you are a family looking to cover personal needs or a business owner with employees that you care about, you have the opportunity to protect those that you love through various forms of insurance.

Are you a business owner or human resource professional that is looking for a way to enhance your employee benefits offering without breaking the bank?

Perhaps you are a group benefits broker looking for an enrollment solutions partner that will work as hard for your clients as you do?

Maybe you are a self-employed 1099-contractor researching ways to protect your family?

Whatever your need, we will help.  If we can't help you directly, we have partners that we can refer you to that certainly can.  Whatever the need, big or small, we are here to help in any way we can.

The Meehan Agency
The Meehan Agency

The Meehan Agency Difference

We simplify a complex employee benefits landscape.

Utilizing employee benefits advisors at The Meehan Agency can help you address numerous areas of your business, such as:

  • 1 Mitigation of financial impacts from the rising cost of healthcare
  • 2 Tax-savings strategies designed to save you and your employees' dollars via IRS Section 125
  • 3 Compliance management solutions for ERISA, HIPPA, and ACA regulations
  • 4 Employee turnover reduction strategies
  • 5 Incentives for future employee recruiting efforts
  • 6 Improvements in company culture
  • 7 Employee financial and lifestyle protections
  • 8 Health and wellness initiatives
  • 9 Improved employer/employee communications

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Our agents work with group benefits brokers and directly individuals for specific family needs.  We look forward to working with YOU!

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The Meehan Agency

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Our vetted enrollment network is delivered via two distinct service models:  1) Onsite Enrollment and 2) Enrollment Call Center.  


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