Benefits for Gig Economy Workers

The Meehan Agency's BENEFLEX Program addresses the "benefits gap" found in the gig economy workforce.

The American workforce is changing rapidly. Technology advancements, geopolitical shifts, cultural changes, geographical migrations, mobile & remote workers and many other dynamics can lead to "gig economy" workers finding themselves stuck in a "benefits gap" ... a side effect of an independent employment structure, where due to employer eligibility requirements and other reasons, benefits are simply not available ... until now.


The Meehan Agency's BENEFLEX Program works with employers and other organizations to create unique benefit solutions for:

  • 1099 Contractors
  • Commissioned Sales Agents
  • Specialty Skilled Labor
  • Outsourced Staffing
  • Part-time Employees
  • Remote Workers
  • Association Members
  • Union Workers
  •  ... and more!

Our unique approach to the "gig economy workforce" creates a direct-pay benefits portfolio for the alternative workforce that includes:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Virtual Primary Health Care
  • Virtual Urgent Care
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Hospital Confinement Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Legal Services
  • Prescription Rx Discount Plans
  • Eyecare Discount Plans

Employer question: "Why would I want to provide a benefits program for workers when I am not legally required?"

  • Create Value - "Benefits" is commonly rated as the 2nd most important facet of a job, trailing only compensation. This is true whether a worker is W2, 1099, full-time, part-time, seasonal, on location or remote. A good benefits plan is a foundational component of a solid compensation program.
  • Create Loyalty - Workers that believe their employer values them personally have more loyalty to their employer. Employee turnover is a significant expense in the modern workforce and creating loyalty through a value-based benefits approach can reduce turnover and increase profits.
  • Recruiting Matters - In a landscape where the workforce is being recruited by not only local employers, but employers across North America, it is becoming harder and harder to stand out to good candidates. When the prospect is a "gig economy" worker, this is even more relevant.
  • No Employer Administration - When designing a benefits program targeting an alternative workforce, it was imperative to develop a platform that allows employers to keep their distance and have very little to no administrative burden.
  • Benefits Flexibility - Workers in the "gig economy" demand flexibiilty in their workspace. Whether that means 1099 contractor status, virtual or remote working conditions, or any other creative twist, a customizable benefits plan that is just as unique as they are remains critically important.

Our Approach to Gig Economy Benefits

1) Intentional Design | 2) Educate & Communicate | 3) Enroll & Support


Intentional Design

  • Create plan designs that meet the needs of a changing workforce.  Flexibility through discipline and structure.

  • Incorporate insurance coverages that are not readily available in the individual market.

  • Develop a process that is user friendly and not intimidating.

  • Utilize new technologies to make the process efficient ... and people to make it personal.

  • Our Enrollment Call Center features multilingual Benefits Counselors that handle all aspects of the enrollment process to create a seamless enrollment experience.


Educate & Communicate

  • An educated consumer makes for a better policyholder.

  • A custom benefits website for each client designed specifically around your unique needs creates an ongoing learning experience that is available 24/7/365.

  • Education is not a singular event.  Continuous access to education materials (videos, brochures, benefit guides, product overviews, white papers, etc.) allows policyholders to be more informed than ever.

  • "The only dumb question is the one that was not asked." ... Our team is dedicated to help workers understand their benefits and to create solutions that protect American families.


Enroll & Support

  • Our enrollment platforms use modern technology to deliver a user friendly enrollment experience via partnerships with leading insurance carriers.

  • Our customers speak English, Spanish and a few other languages. They generally do NOT speak "Insurance".  Our enrollment team exists to translate the complexities of insurance into a conversation where our policyholders can understand their options and elect the coverages that work best for their personal situation.

  • Communicate before, during and after enrollment to provide a "Best in Class" service model from initial education, enrollment completion to premium payments and even help with filing claims.

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